Thursday, June 11, 2009

Campfire Stories Promo

After having the awesome response to the first film Exploring Idaho, Stone and Water Productions has started filming the next film called Campfire Stories (working title) and will be my second film. I'm hoping to make it an educational film showing the beauty and stories of the rivers, people, and land; as well as delve into the history of the areas both socially and geologically. I've briefly spoken to several educational organizations in hopes to make the film as factual as possible. The goal is to make a National Geographic style educational film but with enough action and adventure that you don't realize that you're learning. I'm hoping to finish by spring of 2010. The goal of this film is to get people not only excited about kayaking, but about exploring the outside world and learning the history of the areas they visit.

Here is some short video of some of the footage I've been shooting so far this epic spring.

Campfire Stories Promo from Mike Copeland on Vimeo.

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