Thursday, January 17, 2008


Stone and Water has set upon itself a mission to document as much as possible of what Idaho has to offer. Everything from Class III to Class V+, all the classic and not so classic runs, from day trips to multi day fiascoes. Everything is fair game.

We plan on showing you Idaho like you've never seen before in a series of DVDs that hopefully you will find not only highly entertaining, but also very informative and aid you in planning your next trip, no matter your skill level, if you like your water big, steep, or both.

The first video in this series will be entitled Nothing To Offer and will serve as a view into the paddling lifestyle all of us live in one way or another. Always anticipating the next adventure, knowing every moment on the water is a moment that could not take place anywhere else.

In the upcoming video, we will be taking a look at the maps and hiking in the most remote areas of Idaho with boats in tow, trying to find the next gem. So, hopefully you will choose to join us for the upcoming adventures in store for us all.