Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Descents for First Descents Fundraiser

The goal of this program is to raise money and awareness for the non-profit organization, First Descents, by going out and exploring the rivers and creeks you have always wanted to run, whether they are in the guide book or not doesn’t matter, it’s about going and doing something new. The fundraiser is very similar to when you were in junior high school and walked laps around the track and got pledges that paid based on how many laps you made. The more personal first descents you do this spring and the more pledges you get from your friends, family, and people in the community, the more money you raise for First Descents.

Skill level does not matter, class of river does not matter, having fun and doing something you love on a new section of river does. I encourage everyone to take the little bit of time it takes to get a couple pledges and go out and paddle just like every year. Getting in the few new runs you always are trying for, but for a cause.This fundraiser kicks off April 11th 2009 and ends June 28th 2009. Not only will you have yet another excuse to go out and explore the runs you haven't ever gone out and done yet. But you also are helping out a wonderful cause.

One more thing, while you do this, please send in trip reports of your adventures to and I will post them on the website. Photos would be great too. It doesn’t matter if you are going out on your first river with moving current, or if its some unexplored multi day run in some remote region that take 9 days to finish. All trips signify the same thing, our love and desire to explore the unknown.

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